Personal Training


One on One Personal Training

On our first session with you we will ask you some questions to get a feel of what exactly it is you want to achieve. We will then put you through a series of simple tests to see where you are weak, where you are strong, issues with mobility and flexibility, nutrition, body fat %, weight and a few other vitals. From there we go back to the lab to create a custom multi phase program based on your individual needs. Each phase will last 4-8 weeks pending on your particular wants and needs. The phases and possibilities are limitless, if you want to achieve it we will get you there!

Small Group Training

Science says it’s likely that you’ll work harder if you do it with a buddy! You’ll have someone other than us holding you accountable, and you’ll have someone to go through the process and share results with! Everything is better with a friend. Not only will you be motivated by the people you like the most, but each additional person who works out with you will create a greater cost savings for everyone!