Our Mission

We started this company to properly teach, coach and educate people on optimizing the human body. We incorporate a variety of tools, movement patterns, and training styles all backed by science, to get you to achieve your goals faster all while keeping it fun, creative and exciting! You will experience your own personalized path to evolve your mind, body and spirit.

Your set up to fail!

Personal training is becoming a necessity in today’s society. Here at the Evolution Lab we emphasize postural alignment, muscle balance, and joint stability at the foundation for all of our fitness programs. Clients are coming to us with more muscular imbalances, aches, pains, and injuries than ever before. Sitting is a big cause of this, for the better part of the day we hunch at our desks, sit leaning in a car, staring at computers, phones or tablets only to come home too tired to do anything else but sit on the couch and watch TV while we feed ourselves chemically processed food with little to no nutrition. Sitting essentially turns off the muscles that make up your core, back and legs, which equates to weak, tight and unbalanced muscles. We are set up to fail, we need to EVOLVE!

How will you achieve what you want?

The human body requires that we systematically modify the program in order to continue to see the results you want and to avoid injury. Most people don’t need endless time in the gym lifting weights, running miles on end, or doing of bunch of “rat on a wheel” cardio work that just wastes time. This is a very old school thought with old school results. We are here to optimize the human body by integrating strength and conditioning science, clinical applications and cutting-edge technologies to deliver efficient and effective solutions focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery. Built for “everybody”, The Evolution Lab is designed to help you understand, monitor and improve fitness at all levels. Don’t be the person that goes up to a machine in a gym and look at what muscles it targets, this usually results into wasting time and creates further imbalances and injuries than what you already have. Even for people that have been “working out for years” often times they are doing inferior movements with the wrong volume, resistance, tempos and work to rest ratios.

What to expect?

All of our programs are designed to help people achieve tangible results and are continuously updated with the help of renowned strength and conditioning coaches and physical therapists whose backgrounds include a wide variety of clients. Some common clients are those looking to lose fat, gain muscle, clients suffering from knee, back or shoulder pain, youth athletes, elderly fitness, professional and collegiate athletes, or just people that want to look and feel better. Our programs are scientifically designed to focus on your individual problems and develop a custom tailored program to ensure your success.

What seperates us from the rest?

Most personal trainers at Globo Gyms don’t have any real degrees or clue on what they are doing. In fact, most of them have a certification that took them an afternoon and few hundred dollars to get. Ask yourself, is that what you want to invest your trust and body with? You have to live in your body all day long for the rest of your life, the more you respect it the more it will take care of you! Unfortunately most trainers go by the “More is Better” thought. They love to add more weight and volume to clients with broken positions and poor flexibility / mobility, essentially creating an even greater risk of injury. A good rep has nothing to do with how much weight you can move. You need to be able to move perfectly with no weight in a controlled environment. Once that is achieved we can add other variables like weight, speed, balance, and fatigue into the mix. Training in a fatigued state with bad mechanics is like driving a race car with no tires and a blown transmission, it has the ability to be fast but will never reach its potential because there are pieces of the car that are neglected and not working, inevitably leading to injury or breakdown.

Our Results

It is proven that a client with a highly skilled Strength & Conditioning Coach will be better in every aspect of life. The way you move, feel, look, perform, and think will all be better optimized with a great trainer and coach! Think about it, if you can transform your body and challenge yourself to do things you never thought possible before, then maybe going in to your boss and asking for that raise won’t be so intimidating anymore. Things in life seem attainable rather than impossible.