Digital Programming


Customized Training for a fraction of the price

Some of you don’t have the budget or the ability to train with us in person, but still want access to our renowned programming. That’s why we have the option of personalized programming. Ideally we try and meet with you at least 2-4 times if you live near us so we can see how you move, get ideas of your goals, wants, and needs and teach you what to be thinking, activating, and moving for any given exercise.

You will receive a 4-6 week customized program based on your needs and abilities. We will keep in touch with you weekly to assess and see how you are doing so we can constantly re-evaluate your programming to make sure you are staying in your optimal zone. Every 4-6 weeks you will receive a new program to keep you progressing and keep challenging the boundaries of what you thought your body could do!

For those of you that don’t have access to meet with us in person we can do this over the phone along with demo videos. Most of our personal training clients end up merging into this option of training once we get them moving and understanding the concepts of what they need to be doing.